You may be struggling to find the right rehab facility if you’re ready to begin a new life of sobriety. The Hills Treatment Center is here to help you with that decision by providing you with everything you need. We take a multi-faceted approach to treating people who struggle with an alcohol or drug addiction and want change. Through our programs, you’ll find that we have options for everyone.

The Hills Treatment Center Treats All Demographics

pool at the hills treatment centerWe take pride in our all-inclusive treatment stance that other facilities often don’t offer. Our facility offers programs specifically for men and women as well as members of the LGBTQ community. We also have programs specifically for women who struggle with prescription drug addictions.

While everyone seeking treatment struggles with the same illness of addiction, each person has a story. Different demographics often require specialized types of care. For example, men and women often have different catalysts that lead to their addictions. Treating these issues separately is often extremely beneficial. Group and individual therapy helps provide clients with new tools they need to stay sober while still living a fulfilling, happy life.

Multiple Levels of Care at The Hills Treatment Center

We know that you have the best chances of long-term recovery when you can transition through levels of care. Not only do we accept insurance policies, but we’ll work hard to encourage your provider to increase your length stay. When you maximize your time in rehab, your chances of maintaining sobriety become much greater. Some levels of care that offer include the following: