Signs of Alcohol Addiction

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimates that over seventeen million American adults have alcohol use disorders of varying severity. In addition, nearly one million American youths between the ages of twelve and seventeen have alcohol use disorders. It is essential to remember that alcoholism is not a problem created overnight. It emerges…


Treating Moderate to Severe Pain-Physically and Mentally

Pain medications or “painkillers” are drugs provided by medical providers to help patients manage pain and discomfort. There are several reasons you may take pain medication, including chronic and acute pain management needs. Living with pain is emotionally draining, and the psychological impacts of pain conditions cannot be understated. However, using pain medications like tramadol…


5 Symptoms of Addiction

Alcohol and drug abuse are prevalent across all demographics. It is not uncommon for addictions to develop out of casual use or experimentation with drugs or alcohol. It does not take long for the line between casual drinking or using to become blurry. For some drugs, one use or first-time experimentation can lead to dependency…


Live Your Best Life-Sober Living

Over the last decade, approaches to addiction treatment have changed. Today, more people seek help from external support systems beyond therapists, counselors, and traditional support groups. Although all of these professionals and services remain vital components of an addiction recovery team, many find they want or need additional support beyond that found as part of…


The Psychology Behind Dependence

When people talk about struggles with drugs and alcohol, the terms dependence and addiction are often used in the same breath. While the concepts are difficult to separate from one another, there is a subtle yet critical difference between dependence and addiction. However, both can and often lead to physical, emotional, and behavioral challenges directly…