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Vaping & Addiction: What You Need To Know

Insider reports that “people have been coming up with inventive ways to get high on nicotine for [nearly] a hundred years.” The most recent way that people have begun to ingest nicotine is with e-cigarettes, commonly called “e-cigs,” “mods,” and “vapes” that they use for vaping. Simply put, an electronic cigarette is “a handheld battery-powered…

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Sobriety and Starting Over

Starting your life over after treatment for addiction can be difficult. Once you’ve left the sober confines of a rehabilitation center or treatment program, you have to tackle daily life without substances while still facing triggers. The first 90 days of your recovery are absolutely crucial to your sobriety. This is the time when relapse…

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Relapse: Recognition & Toolkit

As a recovering addict, recognizing that you’re potentially relapsing is one of the most important skills you can develop. Relapse can happen suddenly, as in the case of the dreaded slip, or it can come on over a long period of time. It can feel like an inevitable force. It can even feel like a…

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Dissecting Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis was first recognized over two decades ago. The term was coined to diagnose individuals that were suffering with severe mental illness and substance abuse disorders. The occurrence of dual diagnoses is much more common than you’d think, and the treatment for the co-occurring disorders or addictions is more intense and complex than that…

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Addiction and Celebrities: A Common Cause?

Celebrities who are battling drug addiction seem to be everywhere, don’t they? Stories of celebrity overdose or overindulgence used to be confined to the pages of tabloids, but that is no longer the case. Overdose and addiction seem common, and every year, we lose more and more of our beloved stars. Why is this? Are…

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Intervening with an Intervention

Watching your loved one struggle with addiction is heartbreaking. Addicts that are in the throes of addiction often do not realize or refuse to acknowledge their substance abuse. They do not fully comprehend what they are doing to themselves because extensive drug use has literally changed their brain chemistry. So, what do you do when…