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Addiction and Income: What Is the Connection?

In this post, we tackle the complex interaction between addiction and income level. Does low income cause addiction? Or is addiction something that everyone can run into if they’re not careful? First, we’ll set the scene by explaining in clear terms just what addiction is. Then, we’ll cover who is at risk for addiction. Last…

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Alcohol: When Does Use Become Abuse?

Alcoholism may have faded from public view in recent years due to the rise of the opioid crisis, but it remains a public health concern. As we’ll see, problematic alcohol consumption changes brain function, just like many so-called hard drugs do. This can leave susceptible individuals at risk of developing dependence. Once that happens, these…

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It Can Creep up on You: How Addiction Starts

In this post, we’ll answer the fundamental question: how does addiction start? We’ll begin with a discussion on just what addiction is—and what it is not. Then we’ll examine the differences between terms you’ve probably heard used interchangeably, such as tolerance, dependence and addiction. We wrap up with a few psychological red flags that can…