How to Find or Become A Sober Companion

Over the last decade, approaches to addiction treatment have changed. Today, more people are seeking help from outside support systems beyond therapists, counselors, and traditional support groups. Although all of these professionals and services remain vital components of an addiction recovery team, many find they want or need additional support beyond initial treatment. Going into…

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How Isolation Fuels Addiction

Identifying and adequately addressing the factors that contribute to substance abuse and addiction is an essential step we can take to improve the chances of success for those in treatment and recovery. One factor many overlook when examining the causes of addiction is the role of social isolation in the development and advancement of alcohol…

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Fighting The Stigma of Addiction

Even though it is 2020, the concerns and fears around stigma related to addiction remain alive and well throughout the United States. The concept of stigma describes the powerful negative thoughts that affect how an individual is viewed when they struggle with a substance abuse disorder or addiction. Stigma has the potential to adversely affect…


Addiction Treatment in a Crisis

If you or someone you love struggles with addiction, the concept of crisis, whether personal or professional, is likely all too familiar. There is an unfortunate yet common relationship between those who abuse drugs or alcohol and those who have emergencies in their lives. These emergencies can take on a variety of forms ranging from…

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What Is Psychological Dependence?

When people think of dependence, they often think of physical dependence on something. For instance, when someone is dependent on drugs or alcohol, their body often reacts violently and painfully to the lack of their substance of choice. This person has grown physically dependent on substances. Without a continual intake, they will begin to experience…


When Does Psychological Dependence Happen?

Psychological dependence is the term used to describe the emotional or psychological components of a substance use disorder. These mental components often include intense cravings for the substance or behavior and a profound difficulty associated with thinking about anything else. Psychological dependence is also sometimes referred to as psychological addiction. Although the terms dependence and…

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Five Things You Don’t Know About Addiction

Whether it is a dependence on or addiction to alcohol, opioids, “street drugs” or any other substance, statistics show addiction kills thousands of Americans each year and impacts millions of lives. According to various surveys, almost two-thirds of American families have been significantly affected (in some way) by addictions to drugs or alcohol. It is…

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How to Use Family Support Groups for Addiction

Addiction is a chronic, debilitating illness that changes people in ways that are sometimes hard to reconcile. Alcohol and other drugs have a profound impact on the brain. Those who struggle with this disease sometimes say and do things that inflict emotional trauma on those they love the most. Often, those closest to individuals struggling…

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How Rehab Centers Help Alcoholics

Everybody has different needs to consider when it comes to treating alcohol use disorders and addiction. Both can be diagnosed by examining whether an individual’s alcohol use pattern is problematic and causes significant distress and difficulties with their daily activities. Substance use disorders can range from mild to severe, depending on the symptoms one is…

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What is Executive Rehab?

What is Executive Rehab? For many of the twenty-one million Americans who struggle with addiction, there are often barriers to seeking treatment. For some, a primary obstacle is feeling unable to leave or take time off from their professional responsibilities to seek treatment at a drug and alcohol treatment facility like The Hills Treatment Center…